Our kids were in 4-H Too!

We know what it costs to raise a family these days! Whether its Soccer, T-Ball, Little League, Dance, Cheer, Football, 4-H or FFA, there's no end to the expenses. We designed our Hogbars with your budget in mind!

Budget Conscious

Set 'em up in minutes

Our Hogbars are meant to empower kids to care for their animals on their own. They're easy to set up, light weight enough for an 8-year old to move them around, and as plug-n-play as you can get.

We Designed our Hogbars to accurately weigh animals to 1/10th of a pound. What's more, if your critters are feisty, our motion filters will make sure you get an accurate weight every time. And, with 1/10th lb resolution, you can use them to weigh feed, too!

Add a platform or a cage to your hogbars

Choose from a formed aluminum platform or a sturdy steel cage and your Hogbars will be ready to weigh right out of the box!  Both the platform and the cage are made to fit perfectly, so setup is a cinch!

‚ÄčAre you ready for Fair?

Accurate to 0.10 pound